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Political Networks 20169th Annual Political Networks Workshops & Conference

June 23-25, 2016

Charles F. Knight Center

Washington University in Saint Louis

The Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government & Public Policy and the Department of Political Science at Washington University will host the 9th Annual Political Networks Workshops and Conference from June 23–25, 2016 at:

The Charles F. Knight Conference Center

Throop Drive & Snow Way Drive

Saint Louis, MO 63130

We know you are interested in Political Networks, and we are hoping you will consider joining as a member to the APSA section on Political Networks. You can get more information about the section from the APSA website (http://www.apsanet.org/section41) and on our section website (http://www.polinetworks.org). As a conduit of information regarding research, teaching, and learning opportunities related to the study of political networks, I hope you’ll agree that we are an active and vibrant academic community that offers many benefits to its members. Of course, by joining the section, you help to expand the network of political scientists who are engaged with scholarship in this field. Please join by visiting apsanet.org.

The conference, which has received generous funding from the Washington University Political Science Department and the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government & Public Policy, will commence on June 23 with full day of workshop training sessions, covering introductory and advanced topics in network analysis with applications to political science. These workshops are organized by the Political Networks section of the American Political Science Association and sponsored in large part by the National Science Foundation. Following the workshops, all conference attendees are invited to an evening reception and presentations on June 23. Panels and plenaries will begin on June 24 and will conclude after lunch on June 25.

Conference co-hosts: Betsy Sinclair, Jacob Montgomery, & Jon Rogowski, Washington University

Conference administrators: Joshua Boston & Sarah Crean, Washington University

Program Chairs: Brendan Nyhan, Dartmouth College

Training Chair: Skyler Cranmer, Ohio State University

Fellowship Committee: Alex Hughes, University of California-San Diego; Matthew Pietryka, Florida State University; and Elizabeth Menninga, University of Iowa

Poster Award Committee: Jennifer Larson, New York University, Jon Rogowski, Washington University, Meredith Rolfe, UMass Amherst, and Stefan Wojcik, the Lazer Lab

Accommodations: To make reservations at the Charles F. Knight Center call +1 314-933-9400. Be sure to mention that you are attending the 2016 Political Networks Conference. The average nightly rate is approximately $114.

The Political Networks Workshops & Conference tries its best to be family-friendly. Please find more information about domestic accommodations here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Joshua Boston, jboston@wustl.edu.