Paper Archive

Political Networks 2016

9th Annual Political Networks Workshops & Conference

June 23-25, 2016

Charles F. Knight Center

Washington University in Saint Louis

The Political Networks 2016 Paper Archive is hosted at SSRN. Papers will appear there typically within 24 hours after they are submitted. Note that they do hand-process papers to ensure that the metadata entered matches each paper.

To submit a paper, Please go to the Political Networks 2016 Paper Submission page, log into SSRN, and click "Start New Submission." If you are unfamiliar with SSRN, please see the submission instructions.

Although papers are not required to be submitted, participants are strongly encouraged to do so. Note that there is an option to submit it as a private paper, so that it just appears on your author page (although it will not, of course, appear in the conference archive). You may at a later date change the visibility to public.