Call for Papers (Now closed)

The Twelfth Annual Political Networks Conference and Workshops will be held May 29th-June 1st 2019 at Duke University. The program chairs and host committee are pleased to invite proposal submissions.

We seek proposals for individual papers, posters, and organized panels that engage in rigorous theoretical and/or empirical research on the application of networks to politics and policy. We also welcome contributions that develop novel methodological approaches to the analysis of political networks. We aim to have a conference that represents research from a broad range of subfields and methodologies, and submissions are encouraged from scholars in political science or related disciplines including sociology, communications, psychology, public policy, and computer science. Methodological approaches may include, but are not limited to, statistical studies, laboratory and field experiments, ethnography, formal models, and computer simulations. Topics presented at past conferences include investigations of individual political behavior; interactions of individuals with traditional and online media; activist participation in interest groups, social movements, and political parties; interest group and corporate relationships with government agencies and officials; relationships within and among local, state, and federal government agencies; legislator communications and alliance formation; the political implications of international trade flows; ethnic cooperation and conflict; international alliances, organizations, and conflict; and a wide range of other political topics. The political networks conference has played a key role in stimulating research and developing our field, increasing the role of network data and concepts in the study of politics and policy.

To submit an individual paper or poster proposal, please submit a title and abstract of no more than 350 words on the conference website: Three-paper panels may also be submitted; to do so, please note the title of the panel in each paper submission. Thanks to NSF, we are able to offer limited fellowships to reduce the cost of the conference. Please see the Fellowship link at the left for instructions on how to apply.

For full consideration, proposals must be submitted by March 1, 2019.

Decisions regarding proposals will be announced by March 18, 2019.

Please plan to attend the conference and preceding workshops in summer 2019! And watch and Twitter (@PolNetworks or @DaveASiegel) for further information about the workshops and conference.

Program Co-Chairs

Cesi Cruz, University of British Columbia, cesi.cruz [at]

Justin H. Gross, University of Massachusetts, jhgross [at]

Duke University Host

David A. Siegel, Duke University, david.siegel [at]