To make the conference available to students and junior faculty who may have difficulty covering travel expenses, we are proud to offer fellowships for travel, lodging, and registration available for meritorious applicants, made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation (#1558713). The fellowship application can be found here and should be filled out right after making a proposal.

Fellowship eligibility

To be eligible for a fellowship you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a PhD student or faculty member with a university affiliation
  • Have a permanent US address and bank account to which funds can be deposited from the state of Virginia

You may apply for Fellowship support with or without submitting a proposal to the conference.

Apply for Fellowship support to present research and attend the training workshops:

If you submit to present research at the conference and you seek fellowship support for travel, please complete the full fellowship application and indicate the title of your proposal in your fellowship application. Fellowship applications must be completed concurrently with proposals.

Apply for Fellowship support to attend the training workshops:

A limited number of fellowships may be available to those who wish to attend the training workshops and conference without presenting a paper of their own. To do so, submit a fellowship application and indicate that you are not submitting a proposal to present research.

The deadline for proposal and fellowship applications is February 25, 2019.

Fellowships are provided with the generous support of the National Science Foundation.

Travel Fellowship Reimbursement

The travel fellowship funds are covered by a grant from the National Science Foundation and can be used to reimburse several categories of expenses:

  1. Airfare at the coach rate or mileage up to the cost of a flight.
  2. Car rental at the economy or compact rate.
  3. Ground transportation fare.
  4. Lodging if reserved in your name. Note: for shared lodging the reimbursement amount will be split by the number of individuals on the reservation.
  5. Conference registration and fees.

You will need to provide paper copies or scans of the original receipts for all expenses that you would like to have reimbursed. Please direct any questions regarding reimbursement to Jennifer Victor at jvictor3 at gmu.edu.

US citizens or permanent residents need only to complete a W9. Foreign nationals will need to follow these instructions, which have links to relevant forms. (If you cannot use the links within the instruction document, you can find the W-8 BEN here, the Foreign National Information Form here, the I-94 form here, and further information here.)