We are pleased to offer 4 advanced/intermediate workshops, to be held on Thursday, May 28, in the Integrative Learning Center. The basic information can be found below. Specific times and room assignments will be coming soon.


  • Title: Network Visualization with R

Trainer: Katherine Ognyanova (Rutgers University)

Description: Coming soon!


  • Title: Exponential Family Random Graph Modeling (ERGMs) with Statnet (R Package)

Trainer: Lorien Jasny (University of Exeter)

Description: This workshop will provide a hands-on tutorial to using exponential-family random graph models (ERGMs) for statistical analysis of social networks, using the "ergm" package in statnet. The ergm package provides tools for the specification, estimation, assessment and simulation of ERGMs that incorporate the complex dependencies within networks. Topics covered in this workshop include: an overview of the ERGM framework; defining and fitting models to empirical data; interpretation of model coefficients; goodness-of-fit and model adequacy checking; simulation of networks using ERG models; and degeneracy assessment and avoidance. statnet is an open source collection of integrated packages for the R statistical computing environment that support the representation, manipulation, visualization, modeling, simulation, and analysis of network data.


  • Title: Machine Learning for Network Data

Trainer: Skyler Cranmer (The Ohio State University)

Description: This workshop introduces machine learning in the context of network data. We will explore several approaches to both edge prediction and vertex behavior prediction that leverage the full connectivity of the network. This will include theoretical discussion of the algorithms and an applied code tutorial.


  • Title: Extensions of ERGMs

Trainer: James Wilson (University of San Francisco)

Description: Coming soon!