Political Networks Conference (PolNet)

Political Networks

The 2023 APSA Political Networks Section

16th Annual Political Networks Conference and Workshops  (pre-APSA  format)

Workshops: June 12-23, 2023 (online)

Conference: August 30, 2023

PolNet 2023 Hosted by the University of Exeter & APSA

Sponsored by the University of Exeter & APSA, PolNet XVI will feature six online workshops and one day of presentations. The workshops will take place over Zoom between June 12th and 23rd more information can be found here. The presentations will be in-person on August 30, 2023 as part of a pre-conference "short course" through APSA. More information on the presentations can be found here

Please plan to attend the conference and workshops in Summer 2023! Please contact the organizers with any questions. You can find their contact information below.

University of Exeter Workshop Host:

APSA Pre-Conference Organizers: