2023 Call for Papers

The Sixteenth Annual Political Networks Conference and Workshops, sponsored by the University of Exeter & APSA, will feature one week of workshops and one day of presentations. All workshops will be via Zoom. Greater details on the workshops can be found here. The presentations will be in-person on August 30, 2023 as part of a pre-conference "short course" through APSA.

This year we will be changing the format to fit into the APSA pre-conference. In addition to several more traditional panel sessions we will have a round of lightning talks prior to lunch. The lightning talks are an excellent opportunity to present and discuss new ideas about in progress or completed work, and we hope will spark a longer conversation about research over the lunch break. Note: presentations at PolNet will not count against the presentation limit for APSA.

For full consideration, proposals must be submitted by Friday, May 12th, 2023. Decisions regarding proposals will be announced by June 9th, 2023. Once proposals have been accepted, the schedule will be finalized and the final program will be announced publicly by July 7th, 2023 (prior to the APSA early bird registration window closing on July 10th). Even after the APSA early bird registration window closes, those who have already registered for APSA can always add the pre-conference for $25.

To submit a paper proposal, please submit a title and abstract of no more than 350 words on the submission form: Submission Form

We seek proposals for papers that engage in rigorous theoretical and/or empirical research on the application of networks to politics, public policy, and public administration. We also welcome contributions that develop novel methodological approaches to the analysis of political networks. We aim to have a conference that represents research from a broad range of subfields and methodologies, and submissions are encouraged from scholars in political science or related disciplines including sociology, communication, psychology, public policy, and computer science.