2023 Program

PolNet 2023 is an in-person pre-conference "short course" through APSA titled Innovations in Political Networks. PolNet 2023 will be held on August 30th from 9am-5pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Room 511B. Pre-registration online is required and will be part of your registration for APSA this year. Registration is open to all APSA Annual Meeting attendees and the cost of registration is $25. You do not need to present in order to attend! More information on registration can be found below.

As many are aware UNITE HERE Local 11 is in the midst of a strike action at LA hotels including the J. W. Marriot. The PolNet pre-conference is being held at the LA Convention Center which is not the target of any strike actions and so presenters and attendees will not cross a picket line to attend the pre-conference. For those looking to change their hotel registrations we suggest using FairHotel.org as recommended by UNITE HERE. There is additional information on the APSA website as well as UNITE HERE Local 11's website.

Morning Panel 1: Networks in International Relations (9 am - 10 am) 

Chair: Jennifer Victor

Break (10 am - 10:30 am) 

Morning Panel 2: Elite Networks and Party Politics (10:30 am to 11:30 am) 

Chair: Elizabeth Menninga

Break (11:30 am - 11:45 am) 

Lightning Talks (11:45 am to 12:30 pm)

Chair: Elizabeth Menninga

Lunch (12:30 pm to 2 pm)

Afternoon Panel 1: Diffusion of Idea and Information (2 pm to 4 pm)

Chairs: Elizabeth Menninga & Johan Dornschneider-Elkink 

Discussion & Networking (4 pm - 5 pm) 


To register for PolNet 2023 register for APSA and select "Innovations in Political Networks" in the "Full Day Courses" section. If you have already registered for APSA then contact meeting@apsanet.org and they will be able to help you.